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A "Bird’s’-eye view of conversion to peace-loving liberal

In response to the Travis Mero letter Feb. 10, the only time I can remember I was near tyrannical was when I was a young Republican and enlisted in the Marine Corps. But then I was just emerging from my inoculation of conservative values from that wonderful conservative era known as McCarthyism.

I have never been a racist, and if you call not liking Republicans and most of their policies bigotry, so be it. I am intolerant of intolerance.

After my Marine stint, I began to wonder why men of color were dying in this farce called Vietnam and still barred from social equality by those wonderful conservatives.

So during college and after graduation, I became involved with the civil rights movement in the South and met many more wonderful conservatives who called me names much more colorful and creative then the ones you called me.

I also made a vow to the guys not coming back from “Nam to stand up against any sham war this country tries to get us involved in again, and that is Iraq.

Before I get any further, anybody who dissents from you is a Democrat and thus a liberal, right? That makes Republicans conservatives, agree? Just wanted to be sure I was on the right track and not offending anyone.

I see you are 29 years old, still young enough to uphold your convictions and join the armed forces and lead the charge to Iraq, right? Or are you another speech-maker patting our boys on the back as they go off to war to die for you while you live the Summit County good life?

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