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A little less bias, a little more news and editing needed in SDN

I am concerned about the Summit Daily News’ increasing tendency to publish political propaganda masquerading as “hard” news, such as the Oct. 25 article “Aspen journalist’s new book targets ski industry,” which appeared on the Local and Regional News page.

This space should be reserved for real local and regional news, not book reviews. Yes, I know the story was picked up from the Aspen Times, and it is certainly American to express a strong opinion, but let’s keep opinion where it belongs, off of pages presumably reserved for real news – which leads me to my second concern about the Summit Daily News.

Is anybody exercising any editorial judgment? 

It is certainly fine to print a diversity of opinion, but please try and stick to printing editorials and daily mail that presents a cohesive argument, not disjointed partisan ramblings of the type submitted by Dr. Martin Hertzberg of Copper Mountain in a recent paper.

I have often observed, that when a political ideologue cannot win an argument on its merits, name-calling and baseless allegations soon follow. 

Dr. Hertzberg takes the prize with “claptrap,” “foisted on the American people by the fraudulent and corrupt Supreme Court,” accusing the President of the United States of failing to protect us against foreign attack and for having “aided and abetted the thieving corporate executives who helped bring it to power.” 

I continue quoting Mr. Hertzberg, “wasteful and aggressive war,” “direct violation of International law,” “failures,” “scoundrels,” “corrupts,” “jingoistic claptrap,” “party hack,” “claptrap,” “jingoistic,” “war-mongering,” “failures,” “lack of vision.” Hopefully Dr. Hertzberg is an M.D. and can prescribe himself a sedative. Come on SDN, we all get enough of this from James Carville on the Sunday morning talk shows!

Lastly, I offer congratulations to the SDN editors for admitting that you endorse Tom Strickland for Senate because you view “this race as more about national politics and maintaining Democratic control of the U.S. Senate.” 

At least you are being honest about your political bias, but that is not very independent thinking. Credibility is a hard thing to restore, but a little more news and a little less bias would be appreciated.

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