A sad evening spent discussing religion and the oxymoron ‘good Christian’ | SummitDaily.com

A sad evening spent discussing religion and the oxymoron ‘good Christian’

Jeremy ColeBreckenridge

I just spent one of the most saddening evenings of my life with two women who epitomize all I find frightening about organized religion in general and Christianity in particular. Let us call them Mary and Martha. Mary purports to have a daughter, a former lesbian, who saw the film “The Passion of the Christ,” then recanted her “sin” and turned to a heterosexual lifestyle. In hearing Mary’s telling of the tale, I realized that her daughter is obviously an extremely confused woman, suffering from both self-esteem issues and intense self-hatred – no doubt fueled by her mother’s unwavering intolerance. I find the story of her “redemption” highly suspect and hope for her daughter’s sake that she gets far away from her hate-mongering mother and finds a woman she can love and live happily with to the end of her days.Yet as sad as Mary made me, Martha was an even more frightening example of this type of Christian, content to believe in a religion she knows next to nothing about. She was brazen enough to argue that the four gospels were actually written by men named Matthew, Mark, Luke and John – despite centuries of study that contradict her.These names were given to the four gospels arbitrarily, in order to differentiate one from another. They might as easily have been given the titles “One, Two, Three and Four.” She also admitted that she plays fast and loose with the Mosaic laws, following some and not others – as has been the double-standard for centuries. She made no apologies for this, either. She didn’t back down when contested on these issues, and didn’t balk at pitting her lack of knowledge against 18 years of religious instruction. As long as she believed it, it didn’t matter to her whether or not it had any foundation in truth, or even text. These two women are like farm animals ready to be led from pasture to barn, and back again, by religions they never think to question or even study. While my run-in with these two women put quite a damper on my evening, it also made me take some time to think and re-evaluate my own belief system. Martha said at the end of our long evening together this meeting happened for a reason. Indeed it did. It reminded me that despite some small baby steps forward that mankind has made, there are always those backward-thinking, hateful people ready to condemn (in the name of the Prince of Peace, no less), and it convinced me that step by step, people such as these are turning the phrase “good Christian” into an oxymoron.

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