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A sword cuts with both edges in the Silverthorne Safeway dispute about qualified voters

Carolyn Bear - Silverthorne

Here we go again. Let us not forget that Silverthorne Town Councilmember Howard Hallman approved rezoning the 11-acre parcel in the Smith Ranch with the stipulation that the issue would be put to the citizens for a vote.

At that time, he said a vote of the people was all he wanted to see and he would let the will of the people speak.

Apparently, this is not enough for Mr. Hallman and his puppeteers.

Just who did the picking of names from the list of emergency registrations to question?

Is it a list of people who are known to be in favor of the Safeway project?

I’ve heard about a group of 15 to 20 resort workers that came en masse to declare themselves Silverthorne citizens and request emergency registration at the very end of the voting period.

Apparently, Mr. Hallman feels there was nothing suspicious about the intentions of this group.

Oh, I am sure they have all been in Silverthorne for 30 days and had no intent to throw a tight election one way or the other.

Surely they had the best interest of their hometown (at least for the ski season) in mind. It just smells fishy to me.

Then, perhaps, my nose is just a bit out of joint.

Mr. Hallman is trying to get the vote nullified. Then what? Stall, stall, stall and maybe they’ll eventually get their way?

Who knows, perhaps City Market will end up making a multimillion dollar donation of open space.

Then they wouldn’t be burdened with finding a buyer that would go along with their pesky little deed restriction against putting in a competing grocery store, and they would get a tax credit to boot.

Of course, there would be nothing suspicious about that either. If I had my way, the town council – only – would have voted on this issue as is its right.

Instead, to avoid a threatened lawsuit, it chose to put the issue to a vote. So now – here we go again.

I sincerely hope the judge throws out the case and if not, when Mr. Hallman is proven wrong, he is sued by the all the people listed by name in his lawsuit for libel and defamation of character.

To those people: Mr. Hallman thinks either you lied when you requested emergency registration or you are incapable of doing your job properly.

Hire an attorney, sue him, and make him pay for your legal expenses. A sword cuts with both edges.

Carolyn Bear


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