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Aaron Blake: Time for Breckenridge to crack down on parking

It’s time for the Breckenridge mayor, town council, town manager and police department to “Man Up!”I fully support Mr. Smith’s (implied) suggestion to tighten up the policing and issuance of parking tickets, particularly for those in violation of handicap parking regulations. In fact let me go a few steps further than Mr. Smith.As a quasi-local and thus frequent visitor to Breck I am appalled (and rather disgusted) by the way the town chooses to police parking violations. Have any of you walked or driven down Main, Lincoln, Washington (the biggest joke of all) or any other center, core area street lately and noticed multiple un-ticketed parking violations … or is it just me? Cars parked in handicap spots without handicap tags, parked in “no parking” zones, parked with “wheels up” on the sidewalk, particularly on Washington across from the Plaza … and of course along that particular area of 45 degree angular parking, clearly marked for “Compact Cars Only”, the large SUVs, vans, pickups (sometimes dual wheelers), etc. with their butt ends sticking out into the road bed. Really! Are you kidding me?Does anyone really think it’s a “signage problem” – as in “I didn’t see the sign, it wasn’t clearly marked” as stated by those out-of-towners who received tickets referenced in Saturday’s article? I think not! I think it’s more likely a matter of (some) out-of-towners (and perhaps some locals as well) simply believing they are either “above the law” or that if they do receive a ticket they will ignore it, that there is nothing the town can do anyway. A year ago I actually had a conversation with an acquaintance of mine who is employed by the town and was told the Police only ticket cars along Washington if “someone calls in and complains.” Are you kidding me?It is time to instruct the town manager and chief of police to develop, implement and administer a “Zero Tolerance” parking policy. One that is fair yet strict. Specifically, if one is parked in a valid parking space but in violation (three-hour time lapse) they should rightfully be ticketed. If one is illegally parked (in a handicap space without permit, in a no parking zone, anything along Washington other than a compact car as stated, “wheels up” on the sidewalk, blocking a driveway, etc.) they should be ticketed … and towed. Yes, I am suggesting they be towed. The Town should create a fenced, locked area on Town owned property along Airport Road as an “Impound Lot” and tow flagrant, brazen violator’s vehicles to storage. The increased revenue from these suggestions alone would surely allow the town to add additional staff to the parking department and pay for the management and staffing of the impound lot and necessary process and procedures. Otherwise, to continue the woefully lax administration of present policy will only serve to continue the grievous and offensive violations we all endure. In other words, the town will continue to receive the exact behavior that their administration condones.

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