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Abortion as a right is ludicrous

John and Lori Nuzzolillo, Dillon

In response to Sara Rich’s Jan 23 letter: Since when is murder a private issue?

How can abortion be a private issue if more than one person is involved?

The person who helped consummate the generation of life inside a woman’s body should automatically be involved in the decision of “allowing” this life to go on as God intended.

Just because a woman has the equipment to sustain life should not allow her to end it once it is viable.

That the Supreme Court ruled abortion legal as a right of privacy is ludicrous. The law does not allow murder to be protected by the inalienable constitutional right to privacy.

If that were the case, a woman should be allowed to murder her husband or boyfriend in the privacy of her own home.

We know that may sound appealing to some of the women out there, but it would still be against the law.

Murder is murder whether or not the life has lasted 30 days or 120 years.

One’s right to privacy does not protect you from the laws against murder. Our founding fathers wrote the Constitution with the inalienable right to privacy to protect people from the unfair treatment by any government or its officers, not to allow women to kill what they consider a mistake.

I am sure that if the founding fathers knew that this right to privacy was being used in this manner, they would be turning over in their graves.

The founding fathers were all believers in the Judeo-Christian faith, and this faith was the major concern when writing the laws of the land. In the Judeo-Christian faith there is a law you may be familiar with: “Thou shall not commit murder.”

We believe in the right to privacy, but to play politics and give women the right to murder unborn children because “they have the reproductive capabilities which allow for childbirth” and men do not seems to be distorting the constitution beyond all practical applications of this right.

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