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About those letters to the left of ‘Mein Kampf’

Like an accident-slowing driver or a racing fan who hopes for crashes, I keep reading your letters to the editor. I know it’s not healthy, wise or helpful for me, but I keep doing it.Numerous times in recent weeks letter writers have labeled the paper and this county as “leftist” or “liberal.”Where or what these accusers have been doing between the fall of Nazi Germany and their recent move to Summit County, I do not know. The Summit Daily does not seem liberal or leftist to me, but it is to some, like Nov. 17 letter writer Rob Hess. There seems to be a growing number of people both in this country and county who have a problem with anyone or anything that expresses opinions or reports news differently than do Rush Limbaugh or the propagandists at Fox. Rush and Fox are one thing, but I would argue that a majority of even the mainstream media have either cozied up to or cowered to the McCarthyesque power of the current presidential administration. Hence the shock and outrage for some people when someone or something breaks the trend – “Oh my goodness, the Summit Daily has printed columns that are to the left of ‘Mein Kampf,’ stop the presses.”I found Hess’ letter scary – until I read the next one by David Leach. In addition to other disturbing things, Mr. Leach said of the conservative Christian right, these are people “who believe in justice (so they favor going to war to get those who would destroy us).” The parentheses and words are his, not mine. Sure, there is stuff in the Bible recounting (not advocating) times in the history and spiritual development of the Hebrew people when they had a similarly immature and twisted concept of justice. Many people past and present confuse vengeance, and scapegoating for that matter, with justice. However, the more evolved (is that a bad and scary word) and full expression of justice in the Bible, as found in books such as the prophet Amos or any of the teachings of Jesus, is all about helping the oppressed and victimized.

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