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Abrams: Apathy will also be judged

Chuck Abrams, Silverthorne

In the last sentence of his article he asks the question, is Roe v. Wade right? And that is a question our society needs to explore. I would encourage those who ponder this question to Google “Alexander Tsiaras” and watch his narrated video “Conception to Birth” This video reinforced my belief that this process is the work of a “Creator” “Deity” “God,” and that humanity’s artificial interference with this process is morally evil. The Creator allows this because he respects the freedom he gave his creatures, but clearly warns humanity there will be an individual judgment of one’s moral conduct.

So what’s your answer? Too many of us choose to stand on the sidelines and say “Not My Problem!” Apathy will also be judged.

Let’s find a compassionate solution to this evil that mars our society.

Chuck Abrams, Silverthorne

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