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Abrams: Conservatives under fire

C.J. "Chuck" Abrams

Based on the opinion articles in the April 8 Summit Daily News, one might come to the conclusion that it was “Bash the Conservatives Day.”

Tina Dupuy’s article of “Gays are out, who’s next?” is really out there. Rather than get into a lengthy discussion of her comments, all one has to do is Google Ms. Dupuy’s biography and see why she spews this nonsense. As far as being an “award-winning writer,” perhaps she won the “Toilet Bowl Award.”

David Sirota’s article “Victory against the language and labels of bigotry,” where he praises the Associated Press for not using this term “Illegal Immigrant” in its reporting going forward, is a little more subtle to discern.

Illegal as defined in the Webster’s dictionary is as “Forbidden by law or Forbidden by official rules.” Immigrant is defined as “A person who leaves one country to settle permanently in another.” So I see no bigotry in applying the term “Illegal Immigrant” to one who chooses to leave one’s country to permanently settle in another, and not follow the laws or rules of the new country in doing so.

Now Mr. Sirota and the “politically correct Associated Press” would have you believe “Illegal Immigrant” is the favorite term of conservatives (Republicans) to slander people of color, especially Latinos. He cites that no one called Bernie Madoff Ponzi schemes, and others’ acts, as “illegal.” He is right, we called them criminal, which is a more appropriate definition of those acts.

Intelligent people hopefully can discern the difference. Mr. Sirota chooses to ignite the flames of controversy, and play to his audience with opinions and inuendo that severely hampers a legitimate discussion and resolution to a very complex problem.

C.J. “Chuck” Abrams, Silverthorne

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