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Abrams: Diffuse issue by practicing birth control

Chuck Abrams

I have read the recent articles both pro and con about a “woman’s right to choose.” Women could “defuse” this “issue” almost immediately by practicing “birth control” prior to becoming pregnant, instead of using “abortion” as there most-favored form of birth control, and reduce the 137 abortions per hour according to Ms. Saeger, to hopefully cover only those situations of rape, incest or medical reasons why the women could not avail herself to birth control.

Now for anyone who thinks life doesn’t start at conception I encourage them to watch the youtube video included below. This is an amazing video on human life from conception to birth using the newest X-ray scanning technology that won its two inventors the Nobel Peace Prize. This is a remarkable color video every person should see: http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=fKyljukBE70

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