Adams: No need for more gun laws |

Adams: No need for more gun laws

Amy Adams

I have been reading a lot of the letters about gun control, both for and against it. Is banning guns throughout the United States really going to help the situation? In Connecticut, assault rifles are already banned, and yet the young man had still gotten a hold of some. Modifications to any semi-automatic assault rifle is illegal, in fact any modification to any gun to make it into an automatic assault weapon is illegal. With just this information it is shown that no matter how much we try, those crazy guys are still going to find a way to get a hold of a gun and if not that, they will figure out other ways to get the “job” done.

There are already laws set into place to prevent certain guns to be sold to the public. Why do we need to sneak in more laws, why not just start enforcing the ones we already have!

As my dad once said, “There’s a law for that!”

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