Ads: Anti-discrimination bill lets predators into restrooms |

Ads: Anti-discrimination bill lets predators into restrooms

COLORADO SPRINGS ” Two conservative groups are running radio ads in Colorado Springs saying a bill passed by the Legislature would let sexual predators use restrooms meant for the opposite sex.

The ads, by Focus on the Family and Colorado Family Action, urge listeners to tell Gov. Bill Ritter they don’t like the bill. He has until June 5 to veto or sign it.

The bill bans discrimination against homosexual, bisexual and transgendered people in housing and the use of public accommodations.

The two groups say the bill endangers children by allowing sexual predators to cross-dress and use restrooms designated for the opposite sex.

Ritter hasn’t said whether he will sign the bill.

Democratic state Sen. Jennifer Veiga, the sponsor, called the objections ridiculous.

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