Afroman takes his censored material to the internet |

Afroman takes his censored material to the internet

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BRECKENRIDGE – “Thank god for the internet,” Joseph Foreman, aka Afroman, said in a phone interview Tuesday. The rapper, who is most famous for his 2000 release, “Because I Got High,” said the restrictions on TV and radio keep him from the mainstream.In fact, Afroman was first introduced to the world by a DJ in San Diego who slipped the restricted song into his playlist.”I call myself a musical streaker. I’m not even supposed to be in the industry,” he said. “I’m hard to promote without running into difficulties.”But Afroman continues to make music, and releases it on the web – where there are no restrictions.”There’s porn stars on the internet. I’ve got power on the internet. I don’t have power on radio and I don’t have power on TV. I think I’m a porno rapper.”His latest album, “Waiting to Inhale,” is available at, and was made through his own label, Hungry Hustler Records.While big producers might not be showing much interest at the time, Foreman’s not bumming.”I’m not working at Wal-Mart, I’m not selling drugs and I’m not running from the police,” he said. “I’m just trying to be the best I can be.”

And what he is doing is playing a gig nearly every night.Foreman said he gets booked by mostly bars and parties, and by people who are “sick of the goodie, goodie.””I like talking about smoking and drinking. It’s something we can all agree on,” he said.He describes his fans as the “stoner population – people who keep up with Jay and Silent Bob.””I’ve got this following. Everybody’s knows ‘Because I Got High’ – I’ve got this Cheech and Chong thing going.”And on that note, while they are not itching to release his new album, Universal Records – which put out “The Good Times” album featuring his most-famous tune – now wants Foreman to put out an Afroman’s greatest hits album. The CD will feature his own songs as well as covers of other famous weed songs, including Sublime’s “Smoke Two Joints,” Ice Cube’s “Smoke Some Weed,” and some selections from Cheech and Chong.”A lot of people know my name, but not my face,” he said of his celebrity status. So he appreciates incidents, like one recently where he went into a pizza shop and all the employees working there were excited about his presence.”I was somebody in there … they gave me the pizza all free,” he said.And what of his own smoking habits today, as a 32-year-old with “gray hairs in his beard”?

“It used to relax me, but now it irritates and kind of annoys me. I don’t care how much you smoke or drink, there are still missiles loading and exploding.”One side tells me to keep going, another side tells me to stop and another side says there is a time for everything,” he said.He also said he’s not pro pot and doesn’t encourage people to start a habit they don’t have. “But for people who know about it, I’ve got some jokes. It’s my field of expertise.”Nowadays, he said, he doesn’t want so much controversy in his music.”I’m ready to love humanity as a whole and write songs that do that … I think the most intelligent man in the world would find a way to make everyone laugh. Laughter is happiness,” he said.His new setlist, and the one he’ll be playing at Sherpa & Yeti’s on Tuesday, includes parodies along with his originals.”When I don’t like a song, I don’t complain about it,” he said after describing his feelings about Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable.” “I write an answer and do the music better.”He’s also got parodies on Fergie’s “My Humps” and Jibbs’ “Chain Hang Low.”

“I want to write funny stuff. I want people to laugh from beginning to end,” he said.And as far as not being super-famous, Foreman is OK with it. “Being famous is one thing; enjoying life is something else,” he said.Afroman in townWhat: Live musicWhen: Tuesday. Doors open at 9 p.m. Show starts at 10 p.m.Where: Sherpa & Yeti’s, BreckenridgeArtist website:

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