After the global warming scare, what’s next? Alien abductions and finding Elvis? |

After the global warming scare, what’s next? Alien abductions and finding Elvis?

Nelson AlexanderSilverthorne

How appropriate that on a Sunday (March 6), a day of religious observation for much of the world, the Summit Daily News would dedicate its entire front page to nothing but an ad for the fanatic religion of global warming by boldly stating the imminent destruction of Earth. What an absurd front page designed for the purpose of inciting anger at the perpetrators of this horror. Did the SDN just hire an out-of-work National Enquirer executive? Perhaps we could see a story about alien abductions, sea monsters or how many people firmly believe that Elvis is alive and driving a rickshaw in Shanghai.Will the SDN be giving equal time to all the other unverifiable belief systems? That would maintain at least an appearance of detached neutrality, which would be appropriate for a locally monolithic printed news source to retain its journalistic integrity.Somehow, I doubt that will happen. The rhetoric and demagoguery on this subject is too easily swallowed and absorbed into the brainwashed sponges of the left, thereby creating a whole new society of disciples. The SDN is at the very least partially (if not entirely) staffed with Kool-Aid drinking followers of this neoreligion. Please pardon me, I didn’t intend to use the leftist tactic of name calling. Most of the left’s priests, deacons and laypersons prefer lattés. If you work there (or are a reader) and are not completely indoctrinated into global warming, don’t walk, run to the nearest exit and cleanse yourself from their tainted attempts to get you to join the fold. To proclaim, as writer Allen Best contends, that the scientific community is in lockstep with these self-serving data manipulators is an irresponsible lie held forth as fact. They only count as credible their own. How can a community look at this publication as anything more than an epistle to the believers?Anyone who has read the GW-related stories in the so-called mainstream media over the years would have to agree that they have been unfairly one-sided. If a person has an inclination to check out real data and statistics, this website has lots of references to get you looking in a direction this “newspaper,” or the dozens of sources who make money off the scare tactics, rarely points you in – course, many of the congregation will take offense to my observations and criticisms. These same people whose hair is standing on end and mouths are salivating as they read this will undoubtedly vent their opinions. After all, I have ventured into their sanctuary and accused them of proselytizing the masses. As they do, they should remember this; the majority of people know them for what they are. The majority also prefers to sit back and be entertained by our banter.I would, however, like to thank the brethren at the SDN for the advance warning that they will be subjecting us to five days of this and probably other alarmist statistical diarrhea and apocalyptic prognostications.I will instead be celebrating the internal combustion engine each morning this week by leaving my cars running in the driveway and creating a little extra carbon dioxide to skew the data.

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