Agency folks should try using the word |

Agency folks should try using the word

Jeff Martin and Anne Macombe believe the term “bitch” ispass and is gender neutral among Gen-ers and its use is therefore somehow innocuous in their ad campaign.I suggest Mr. Martin call Ms. Macombe a bitch several times at work in the coming weeks and see how innocuous it is. Maybe at McClain Finlon it won’t get him fired and cost him big bucks, but at GE, Cisco, AT&T and hundreds of other mainstream U.S. companies it will.Soit must still be offensive to several hundred million Americans.But I guess that’s not the point is it? The point is to attracttheAmerican versions of Euro-trash and soccer hoodlums to our fair town so VailResorts can have the younger and “balanced” demographics its after.If it involves addingto the general “dumbing down” of our youth already championed by our educational system and the entertainmentmedia, then so be it. Appealing to their gangsta rap benumbed minds is just part of the ad game.My renewed Buddy Pass is already hanging on my ski jacket, but now I wish I hadn’t renewed it. Vail Resorts should be ashamed of its participation in this ad campaign and should fire McClain Finlon. It’s their chance to “earn their balls back” with the Breckenridge public.

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