Alastair Stone: Where’s the change? |

Alastair Stone: Where’s the change?

Alastair Stone
Summit Cove

On Inauguration Day, my wife and I were (as our cousins in Cape Town succinctly put it) “glued to the telly” as we cheered on President Obama heralding a new era in this country’s political scene.

Unfortunately, the very next day I found myself watching C-SPAN and cheering on a Republican senator as he gave the prospective treasury secretary a tough grilling on his many years of false tax returns. All to no avail, as we saw the following week.

And now today, the same thing is happening as the prospective Health and Human Services Secretary is meeting with a Senate committee ” in a closed session!

Do we have to wait until we are called to serve the new administration before we pay our taxes?

Why are Geithner and Daschle embarrassing all of us Democrats?

Where is the change that we voted for and were promised?

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