Allison Babcock: Hate crime laws necessary |

Allison Babcock: Hate crime laws necessary

Allison Babcock

Morgan Liddick completely missed the point – and logic – about hate-crime laws. He says that if he got into a scuffle with an “androgynous” person over the Broncos’ quarterback and it turned physical, he could be charged with a hate crime. That’s not true – unless it could be proven that Liddick was motivated by the person’s sexual orientation. The same could be said if the androgynous person struck Liddick because Liddick proclaims to be straight. Contrary to Liddick’s assertion, there is no “more equal than others” issue at play here. Hate crimes extended to cover sexual orientation are a two-way street, and they would protect everyone from being victimized because of their sexual orientation, regardless of what that orientation may be.

As for singling out Bennet for his vote in favor of a must-pass defense-spending bill (the measure to which the hate-crimes bill is attached), it is a typical Liddick red herring. Bennet didn’t introduce the amendment, yet Liddick seems to think that – what? – Bennet should have voted against the spending bill? Liddick just decided to attack Bennet for the sake of attacking him. Equally strange is how he threw Udall in the mix in his last sentence, as if he is any less or more responsible for the exact same vote. Why didn’t he single out Congressman Mike Coffman or Congressman Doug Lamborn for the same tactic in passing an amendment to an unrelated and vastly unpopular bill that allows carrying concealed weapons in our national parks?

Oh, and Morgan: The adjective is DEMOCRATIC, not “Democrat.” At least use proper English, even if you are trying to be disrespectful and follow the Rush Limbaugh/Sean Hannity school of belittling the opposition.

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