Amanda Woodbury: A Fanning fan |

Amanda Woodbury: A Fanning fan

Letter to the editor and all people who CARE about our country:

John Fanning’s opinion on Obama’s Insults has made me think again and more. Back when Clinton was Monicating in the White House I was embarrassed for our country’s reputation. Now, that seems petty in the face of the Obamanation of our National Pride, Respect for our Military Achievements, and Success as a Capitalist Society. The history of our national integrity is being undermined daily. Luckily, our system works as it was designed, all good things that are happening are direct results of the Bush administration. Obama’s plans for destruction haven’t yet begun to hit the proverbial fan or have impact. It is the indoctrinated media that is hyping all the wonderful things that are happening because HE has deemed it so.

The media also continues to portray the doom and gloom mentality aiming to heighten the need for the Savior. By the time HIS agenda is operational, it will be too late to blame Bush for the mistakes. What bothers me most is the supposedly educated people I meet who make comments about how wonderful it is that Obama is taking care of all these things that Bush messed up.

The increasing hysteria is designed to solidify the dependency and response to the direction from our fearless leader, who will fix everything if only we will submit to HIM. Personally, I don’t need the interference or the guidance being foisted on us all, and would prefer to make it on my own without any more government intervention in the way I conduct myself and my successful life.

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