Amanda Woodbury: Vote conservative this November |

Amanda Woodbury: Vote conservative this November

Amanda Woodbury, Republican Central Committee, Precinct #3

Our president and vice president continues to show their true colors and lack of knowledge as indicated by an e-mail message I received recently.

He has issued orders to retrain and/or cut numbers of the cattle guards in place in the western states. He wants to make them into border patrollers in Arizona! This should bring even the most misguided liberal to consciousness. Is he really that ignorant? Apparently so and Joe Biden is lapping at his heels all the way.

Apathy is our worst enemy in the face of this November election process. We must stand up for ourselves and get these destructive people out of power as soon as possible. They are persisting in plowing right through our personal freedoms and property rights. This state cannot afford to continue with the Democrats muddling up everything that has been in place to protect and serve the people. The fact that there is not a single Democrat on the ballot in Park County should indicate where our interests lie. Those who voted for this administration should be ashamed for what they have wrought upon us as a nation. We don’t want to be governed by politicians with ulterior motives. We want to be led by representatives for and by the people. We want our elected officials to be responsive to our every complaint and concern. They must listen and respond accordingly. We don’t want a dependent society. We don’t want to support the illegals or other moochers with our hard-earned monies. We don’t want to be raked over the coals for any more of these socialistic endeavors that Obama seems so intent on forcing down our throats.

Get out there and talk to your neighbors and friends about this problem. Vote for the conservative of your choice on Nov. 2.