America fought for its wealth |

America fought for its wealth

Vicki CookSilverthorne

Why is it that the United States of America is a wealthy nation? Yes we are in bondage to our own debt, but you look at what we have. Lots of cars, cheaper gas than other countries, TVs, nice homes, toasters, mixers, irons, washer and dryers, the list of luxury is endless. Some say we are spoiled, I say we are blessed. How we use those blessings could determine if we are spoiled. We do enjoy our toys.Could it be that we are blessed as a free nation and we fought many battles to earn that freedom? We left England and other lands to have freedom of religion and freedom to invent, experiment try new things. We fought the British, Indians, Spanish and our own families to end slavery in a free nation. We were involved with two world wars to protect freedoms. We have used our free nation to do a lot of good and to support a lot of good nations. We fought Vietnam, and that was an ugly war. We had more politicians involved that didn’t know what they were doing, and of course Jane Fonda.Why is it that Europe, Africa, Russia, Mexico still has people living as they did a hundred years ago. We have tractors, they have horse drawn carts. We have free enterprise, they have oppression. Our constitution has protected us. Our government doesn’t take the smart ones and kill the dumb ones, it doesn’t burn certain religious groups. We have freedoms and many of them.We are in a mess in Iraq, and those people have fought each other for 5,000 years, they have never known peace. Now they have grown like an ugly destroying cancer and they want to go to the other parts of the body (U.S.A.). Yes I truly believe if we don’t fight another war, support our troops, and let our generals make the necessary decisions to keep this ugly cancer contained, we will be fighting to save the heart of America, and fighting to save the lungs of fresh free air. Cancer knows no boundaries and neither do terrorist.I love where I live, I love my freedoms, my home, my family, pleasures of life and my religion. I don’t want to lose it to cancer-terrorist. As much as we don’t like the can of worms we have opened, we still have to contain the monster we’ve found. Support the troops save our freedoms in the future. Tell our Senators and Representatives we must support our fighting children, our youth of America. Give them what is needed – money, prayers and support from all of us.

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