America is dying |

America is dying


Other great, world-class empires died as a result of their leader’s missteps. Consider the Roman Empire, which existed as the world’s preeminent power for more than 1,000 years bringing stability, prosperity, and order. Their downfall began with the Roman bureaucracy’s growing corrupt concentrating great wealth among themselves. Currently 30,000-plus K-Street lobbyist buy and sell U.S. politicians daily by manipulating the tax code, securing no-bid and crooked contracts, and thus accumulating billions for corporate and political elites.Next, the Romans were unable to defend their borders from Goths – the result being polarization, no assimilation and eventually civil war. Currently, more than 20 million illegal aliens have invaded America without assimilating many claiming their movement a “LaReconquista” of the West. Instead of enforcing current laws, U.S. politicians ignore border enforcement being mere monkeys dancing on top of their corporate-lobbyist organ-grinders instructing law enforcement to “stand down”. Corporations therefore have plentiful illegal labor that costs the regular, middle-class U.S. taxpayers billions in costs for illegal’s health care, education, law enforcement, and infrastructure while simultaneously depressing legal citizen’s wages. Our social fabric is being decimated with many significant sections of US cities controlled by criminal illegal alien gangs engaged in extortion, drugs, prostitution, human trafficking, murder and the like. Forget about Southern California … it’s fallen, kaput. And now President Bush and the US Senate are attempting to legislate amnesty/guest worker into the teeth of the will of the American public? Reprehensible, shameful, nauseating, unpardonable … throw the greed-heads out! A patriotic third party is necessary. Our great United States is on life support.

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