America is losing its sense of priorities, and now we have the TV show "Coupling’ |

America is losing its sense of priorities, and now we have the TV show "Coupling’

It wasn’t very long ago, that America took a collective look at herself and recognized that some priorities needed re-examination.

We saw firsthand, that when men and women faced death, their hearts and minds turned to their families and God. America saw through the final seconds recorded in phone calls what is really important in life.

The examples of those brave Americans were not lost on the rest of America.

For a brief time, America looked herself in the mirror and decided to make some changes. For awhile, Americans hung flags everywhere and took their families to church.

The importance of family is undeniable. When Americans faced death they thought of their families. Those brave Americans reminded us what we know we sometimes forget, but need to remember.

Now, the flags are faded and church attendance has dropped, again; the enemy within thinks that we have forgotten. The enemy might as well be celebrating the collapse of the towers and dancing on the graves of those who died on Sept. 11, 2001.

It was obvious that America was under attack. The evidence smoldered for over a month, but there is another enemy. This enemy is insidious and it comes to us in our living rooms.

There is a new show that is scheduled to follow a popular TV show that already does a good job of demeaning the importance of family – “Friends,” a show that promotes promiscuity, lesbianism and having babies out of wedlock in a fun, humorous and carefree way.

Unfortunately, America has strayed so far from the days of “Leave it to Beaver” that most of us view “Friends” as a harmless, entertaining show. Well, now that we, as a TV nation have been numbed down to the depravity of “Friends,” NBC has decided to lure us even deeper into the depths.

The show I’m talking about is “Coupling” – such a subtle, tasteful name for such a depraved approach to life.

Now, I’m no liberal, so I’m not writing this with the hope that the government will censor this show. No, I’m appealing to that spark that was undeniably awakened in America as brave Americans reminded us of our true nature and ultimate priorities.

I’m asking all Americans who know what I know and saw what I saw to repudiate NBC for trying to demean our families and those who lost loved ones on Sept. 11, 2001.

Don’t let television divide us from the God we turn to when we fear for our families. Our sons and daughters are beating the enemy in Iraq; let us take care of business at home. Let’s roll on depravity in television!

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