America should not lead the postwar reconstruction of Iraq |

America should not lead the postwar reconstruction of Iraq

In the next several days a decision will be made that will affect the people of Iraq, the U.S. and countries around the world for generations to come: the reconstruction of post-war Iraq. Many in the Bush administration envision a longer U.S. occupation directed entirely by the Pentagon, with only minimal participation by other countries and the U.N. The U.S. State Department, the CIA, Tony Blair, major relief organizations and the majority of countries in the world disagree with this plan.

A Pentagon-controlled Iraq could be disastrous for the people of Iraq, for American citizens and for international relations the world over.

Relief efforts have never been a priority for the Pentagon, and the U.S. lacks the expertise of the major relief organizations to effectively distribute food and medical aid.

State Department officials worry that not including the U.N. in postwar planning could heighten tensions between the U.S. and important allies.

Some administration officials worry that a U.S. led reconstruction effort will be regarded with suspicion or hostility by Iraqis. This could lead to a fall by a U.S.-led Iraqi government that could find Iraq in the hands of another Saddam Hussein.

A U.S. occupation of postwar Iraq could incite anti-American hatred in the Arab world even further and could breed more terrorism.

The U.N. is equipped to build democracies; the U.S. government has neither the expertise nor the long-term political will to see such a process through.

As Prime Minister Blair has said, “Iraq in the end should not be run by the Americans, should not be run by the British, should not be run by any outside force of power. It should be run for the first time in decades by the Iraqi people.”

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