Americans have a short attention span now that bombs have stopped flying |

Americans have a short attention span now that bombs have stopped flying

I want to thank Dan Hartigan for his response to my mid-August letter continuing to question the decision to bomb Iraq. As of this writing, his was the only response.

Americans’ attention spans are short, and this war has lost its entertainment value now that the bombs have stopped flying. This might have been different if the soldiers were drafted as during the Vietnam War.

Dan, I respect your opinion but see no connection between this war and WWI or WWII. In both world wars, a country that was attempting world dominance directly attacked the U.S. Also, during the 1991 Gulf War, Iraq attacked Kuwait. We had the backing of the international community and saved a country. The only mistake was not taking out Saddam Hussein then.

Twelve years later we disregard the UN, most of our allies, and world opinion by attacking a sovereign nation. Our reasoning seems to be that Hussein was a ruthless dictator. I agree, he was. Following this logic, however, we should be attacking over a dozen other countries to free their people from tyranny. Some of which have nukes.

You said anyone who does not think the Iraqi people will be better off is naïve. Do the Iraqi people get an opinion? My brother lives in the Middle East and teaches Iraqi university students.

According to him, the consensus there seems to be that Hussein was a bad man but the Iraqis are no better off. They are just being ruled by someone else but suffering more poverty and increased fear for their safety. And if the current occupier leaves, there will be civil war. They lose either way.

Why do we get to decide what is best for everyone else without their input, or the input of the UN and the world community? Now President Bush wants military and financial support for the Iraq mess from all the nations that opposed our attack in the first place. We created a situation that is rapidly spinning out of control, and we will be left to deal with it.

Tom Schorr


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