Amy Stoehrmann: Hypocrisy behind Frisco ballot issue |

Amy Stoehrmann: Hypocrisy behind Frisco ballot issue

Amy Stoehrmann

Upon reading Don Cacace’s recent letter about the importance of voting rights, I became curious. Which elections we participate in are public record ” so I did some research. And guess what? Don Cacace did NOT vote in the last Frisco municipal election (April 2008). That’s right: Mr. ‘Right-to-Vote’ did not vote! He was registered, but only felt the need to vote in the presidential primary and general election, but not for our local town council. He claims to be an advocate for municipal issues and votes, yet didn’t participate in electing our town officials.

What more proof do you need that Mr. Cacace’s initiative is not about the right to vote, but is instead about stopping development on the Peak One Parcel ” aka, his backyard? In Mr. Cacace’s letter, he says “we hungered for change in our town council, and elected several new members.” The truth is, Mr. Cacace didn’t vote for anyone! Therefore, Mr. Cacace has no place to criticize what our elected officials are trying to accomplish, if he did not take the time to vote them in (or out) of office.

Stand up to his hypocrisy and hidden agenda, and vote NO on April 28.

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