An exciting time for Frisco |

An exciting time for Frisco

Leah BornsteinDean, CMC Summit Campus

This is truly a historic time in the history of the college, the town of Frisco, and the county. How exciting it must be for you, as mayor or a town council member, to be part of the decision making process to consolidate the Colorado Mountain College and determine its future for the next 50 years or more.I know it is for me. We are making history and dramatically affecting the face of Summit County, which is certainly greater than the town or the college alone.I am very aware of the wonderful list of town improvements that you have facing you and the many possibilities to utilize this potential revenue. However, based on the important historical nature of this moment, our choices, and our timeline, I urge you to make public your support for the importance of the college consolidating in Frisco in hopes that the Frisco residents will take your lead in the vision for CMC, Frisco and Summit County’s future. The residents need to understand the nature of this unique historical moment and the critical role they play in this unfolding.I sincerely thank you for all of your support, tough decisions and commitment to this project. It continues to be a pleasure working with each of you, and I look forward to many more productive and creative conversations as this building unfolds. Please know you have my energy and support throughout this process.

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