Andrews: Millie Hammers 2nd Amendment rights |

Andrews: Millie Hammers 2nd Amendment rights

It is a shame State Representative Millie Hamner has cast her votes in favor of restricting our constitutional rights. Following the directions of party bosses, Millie voted “Yes” on every recent misguided measure to restrict lawful gun ownership. “Yes” to a measure preventing the right of self defense on college campuses. Imagine a young woman who is otherwise trained and licensed to carry a concealed firearm assaulted and raped because Millie said “sorry, you can’t defend yourself on campus.” Millie said “Yes” to taxing gun purchases. Even “Yes” to the naive notion that limiting a guns magazine capacity will constrain the actions of the mentally ill. Does anyone really think that trying to impose a two second pause (to exchange magazines) in the violent actions of a mad man will improve public safety? Following Millie’s logic, perhaps we should limit the size of gas tanks to only 10 gallons for all cars in Colorado in an effort to address drunk driving. Missing from Millie’s record is any evidence that focused legislation to identify, restrain, and treat the mentally ill was even considered. Millie apparently found it easier to do what she was told by party big wigs and vote to restrict everyone’s rights as an alternative to addressing the more challenging root causes of gun violence. In my view, it appears Millie Hamner’s entry level role as a politician is going poorly for the people of Summit County. Logic and independent thinking are missing.

I regret having not seen this coming. Millie’s passion for taxing and spending was well on display in her past role as Summit School District superintendent. I recall clearly her disingenuous address to an auditorium of concerned parents urging them to prioritize ‘unavoidable’ cuts in sports programs. Her real agenda: Manipulate a tax increase. Next, following a vote by deceived Summit taxpayers, Millie immediately meets with teacher’s union bosses to divvy up the cash bounty via pay raises for all. I guess I just never imagined that her passion to spend other people’s income would be extended to eroding their constitutional rights as well. It appears she is quite comfortable being a pawn in the pocket of organized labor and party big shots. Next election, let’s replace Millie Hamner with someone with independence, integrity, a passion for preserving individual rights, and a willingness to craft real solutions to key challenges.

John Andrews, Silverthorne

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