Ann Brewster: Let’s encourage qualified candidates, not attack them |

Ann Brewster: Let’s encourage qualified candidates, not attack them

Ann Brewster

With all due respect Mr. Gansmann please get your facts straight before writing another malicious attack on qualified candidates willing to serve our community.

Not only was your recent letter mean-spirited, malicious and grossly inaccurate, you totally miss the point on why so many residents are in support of small local businesses rather than “big box” corporations. Local businesses, by nature, reinvest within their community. They use local advertising and printing services. They use local architects, design services and accountants and lawyers. Local businesses use local landscapers and window washers and cleaning services. Local business owners support and fund our local nonprofits. They care that our major asset the Blue River is protected and enhanced … they know many tourist dollars depend on our Gold Medal fishing and river recreation. Owners of local businesses coach little leagues, and T-ball and soccer and raise their kids here creating communities where we love to live. Our local businesses take pride in their community and work to maintain its beauty and mountain town character.

By direct contrast, the “big boxes” take their profits and run … back to corporate headquarters thousands of miles away. There they use their own “corporate” services and all the dollars that would have been spent here simply disappear from Silverthorne forever. This effectively strips our community of many middle-class opportunities for employment.

Without even having met our candidates or most of their supporters, you inappropriately claimed that “supporters of Wade and Preaus stand for denying citizens of Silverthorne market freedom, access to competitive markets, land use rights, and economic privileges associated with democracy and capitalism.” And you went on from there. What rubbish! Hopefully citizens of Silverthorne had more sense than to believe you.

Instead, I hope the readers will understand that we supported Wade and Preaus because of their carefully considered, independent thought processing. They do their homework and they ask the tough questions. They evaluate long- and short-term implications of everything that comes to their attention. They are both the kinds of individuals that we should be attracting to public service regardless of their final vote on one issue or another, and regardless of whether they won or lost in this recent election.

Unfortunately It is attacks like yours that cause good people to shy away from the personal exposure required to run for public office, and we certainly need more good people to make themselves available for our town to flourish.

Whatever happened to allowing candidates to run on their merits instead of throwing wild assumptions and unwarranted accusations into the air just to see if they will stick? These are the kinds of politics you should have left in Chicago.

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