Annual daylong Colorado River District seminar is Sept. 18 |

Annual daylong Colorado River District seminar is Sept. 18

The Colorado River District’s annual water seminar is from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Sept. 18 in Grand Junction.

The seminar theme is “Uncertainty: You Can Count on It: Feast and Famine on the Colorado River and How to Plan for It.”

The following subjects will be covered during the seminar:

  • Snow-Pocalypse: How we Went From a Famine Snowpack in 2018 to a Feast of one in 2019, by Jeff Lukas
  • When Hydrology and Management Collide: How Lake Powell got Hammered, by Brad Udall
  • Science be Dammed: What we Really Knew About the Colorado River When the 1922 Compact Was Ratified, the Answer Will Surprise You, by Eric Kuhn
  • Drought Contingency Planning Today, Renegotiating Shortage Rules Tomorrow, by Jessie Khaya, Rebecca Smith and Andy Mueller
  • Actions on the Colorado River Have Consequences, by Anne Castle
  • How Much of the Colorado River are we Using and Who is at Risk, by John Carron
  • Making a Case for a “Grand Bargain” on the Colorado River, by Douglas Kenney
  • Of Primary Importance: Secondary Economic Impacts of Demand Management, by Sonja Chavez and Doug Jeavons

The seminar costs $35 through Sept. 13 or $45 at the door. Lunch is included. Register or find and more information at

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