Anonymous tip leads to Kung Pow BBs |

Anonymous tip leads to Kung Pow BBs

Up Against the Wall appears biweekly. All accounts are rewritten from Summit County law enforcement agency logs. Names are withheld for privacy; individuals are assumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


Summit County Crime Stoppers Tip:

Summit County Crime Stoppers pays up to $1,000 to callers who help solve a crime in Summit County. All callers remain anonymous.

– Statistically, burglaries increase in the summer. To prevent break-ins when you’re away, use a timer on lights inside the house, have your trash cans emptied before you leave and ask a friend to keep an eye on the property.

– Allied Security


Customers and employees at a Chinese restaurant in Silverthorne got a surprise when three officers arrived with guns and a rifle at the ready. An anonymous person had called 911 to report a man had drawn a gun from his waistband.

One of the officers motioned several employees outside at gunpoint. The officer asked where the gun was. An employee said it was inside the restaurant – and it was a BB gun. The officer went inside and found the BB gun behind the counter.

An employee admitted he had been firing the BB gun at a light pole before taking it into the restaurant. The officer cited him for throwing stones and other missiles and booked the BB gun into evidence.


Park it under the lights

A rash of car break-ins has hit Dillon Valley and Silverthorne. The thief or thieves are burgling cars in apartment parking lots after dark. Remember to lock your doors and park in a lighted area if possible. Anyone with any information on the break-ins can anonymously call Summit County Crime Stoppers at 1-866-453-STOP.


Drive-by squirt

A carload of teens were having fun in Breckenridge, driving down Park Avenue and squirting pedestrians with the car’s windshield wiper nozzles pointed out instead of at the windshield. They squirted the wrong man, however: He stopped them and an altercation ensued. Breckenridge officers were able to calm everyone down and admonished the teens for their reckless behavior.


Bear gets a hole-in-one

Breckenridge police officers were called to the golf course to help scare off a bear. The bear cub had climbed into a trash bin for a garbage feast, but it was having trouble climbing back out. The officers placed a ladder in the bin and the bear clambered right out, swung around and dropped down on the pavement. The humans quickly scared it back into the woods.

If you live in bear territory, make sure your trash lids are on tight and bird feeders are put away at night.


Oops, he forgot to pay

Employees at a Silverthorne gas station called police reporting a pumper who skipped on the bill. An officer tracked down an address from the reported license plate. The man police reached told the officer he must have forgotten to pay for the gas. Understandable, considering the man also forgot to show up for a recent court date. The officer arrested him on a warrant out of Lake County. And, before the officer took the man to jail, they stopped by the gas station so the man could pay his bill.


DUI lowlights

– An officer stopped a car with a malfunctioning brake light in Dillon.

Officer: “How much did you have to drink?”

Driver: “Too much.” (A test later showed his breath-alcohol level to be .141.)

– It’s just like show and tell: An officer pulled over a woman on Highway 9 near Valley Brook Road. When she went to retrieve her registration and insurance from the glove box, a glass pipe with a sticky residue fell out. She received a ticket for speeding and possession of drug paraphernalia.

– A sheriff’s deputy pulled over a woman on Highway 9 near Ute Pass Road because her truck had no tail lights.

Deputy: “How much have you had to drink?”

Woman: “Wine.” (She failed the How Drunk Are You Really? roadside tests and went to jail.)

– A man passed a sheriff’s deputy in a no-passing zone. The 83-year-old driver urinated three times before he was finally booked into jail.

– A woman pulled over on the Dam Road told the officer she was “just following her friend,” and said she’d only had one drink at the Tiki Bar.

Officer: “What were you hiding under the passenger seat?”

Woman: “My drink.” (In addition to the DUI charge, she was booked on possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.)

– The most indignant DUI arrest goes to a man pulled over near Keystone. Selected comments from the sheriff’s office report include:

“Why don’t you just let me go home? I don’t want to drive anymore.”

“I don’t need to be reprimanded like this. I live here. I’m a local.”

“Do you like that? Did you feel what you wanted?” (After a pat-down.)

“I haven’t driven drunk for several days and the one time I do I get caught. What kind of luck is that? I just wanted to get home with that girl.”

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