Another open letter to the Summit community |

Another open letter to the Summit community

Candace Selk BarnesDillon

Dr. Millie Hamner, Mr. Jim Hesse and Mr. Drew Adkins, thank you from the bottom of my heart. As the mother of three daughters (2006 graduate, incoming junior and an eighth-grader) I commend you for the decision not to allow Mr. Wilner to travel with the SHS Band to Europe per his poor choice on the evening of June 8. I was appalled at what I perceived as his veiled threat for Dr. Hamner’s job per his line about the taxpayers right to know and a decision being swept under the rug. An uprising against the Summit School District? Mr. Wilner, surely you jest. I will gladly be the first in line in full support of the district. Dr. Hamner is an incredibly just woman who makes well thought-out decisions regarding what is best for the children and the community of Summit County per the SPS Conduct and Discipline Handbook.Too often society as a whole allows children off the hook because “kids will be kids,” “everyone is doing it,” “I did it when I was that age,” “bend the rules just this once,” and the “art of compromise,” etc. As parents, we should not be afraid to use “NO” as a complete sentence, end of discussion. In our home, “mom” is the acronym for “Mean ol’ Mom” because I ask those old questions about who, what, when, where: periodic check in phone calls are required and believe it or not, my children have curfews! I have taught my girls through action and consequence that they are responsible for choices made – good or bad. My children are by no means perfect, but I expect them to “play by the rules” whether at home, school, or sports. I am very proud to have an administration that truly cares for our children and demonstrates the expectation of excellence and accountability. Dr. Hamner is to be commended not condemned for the decision to hold Mr. Wilner accountable for his choice not to play by the rules – i.e. conduct contract he signed and underage drinking. Mr. Wilner, welcome to adulthood. Apologies to Dr. Hamner, Mr. Hesse and Mr. Adkins are in order. P.S. – Dr. Hamner, feel free to use my personal acronym … but for you – “Mean ol’ Millie” and be proud!

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