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"Anybody but Bush" is anti-democratic

Eric Collier’s letter in your Sept.13 edition (“Brace yourselves …”) provides two very illuminating comments, one on the candidacy of John Kerry and the other, more general, an unwitting betrayal of the core weakness of liberalism in this country.Mr. Collier seems very disappointed in the conduct of Mr. Kerry’s presidential campaign, bemoaning the fact that his positions and his intentions have all the clarity of rain in fog. What he apparently does not realize is that Mr. Kerry must obfuscate, disguise and obscure what is one of the most liberal records in the Senate. If he were to be open and direct about what he intends, well – based on his record – moderate Democrats as well as Independents would be rushing the exits. Hence the silence and the misdirection. It’s necessary for even the most modest chance of election.Far more interesting, however, is Mr. Collier’s categorization of America as “… this bizarre, yahoo-ocracy of a country.” Here is the rottenness at the heart of contemporary American liberalism: utter disdain for the common citizen. So persuaded is the American left of the rightness and justice of its causes that it has forgotten the necessity to argue for their acceptance in the court of public opinion, and to consider that their opponents may, in fact, have valid concerns. Instead, all who oppose the liberal vision – whatever its current incarnation – are regarded as bumpkins at best and at worst perhaps as members of a “vast, right-wing conspiracy.” It would be a pathetic conceit, were it not so damning. So, Mr. Collier, you may say “… anybody but Bush …” but I would point out that such a reflexive response is more dangerously anti-democratic and corrosive than cute. I have some confidence in our country and its system, however imperfect. So I would reply, “May the best man win, and God be with him when he does.”

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