Anything goes at three20south, Breckenridge |

Anything goes at three20south, Breckenridge

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Who: Warsaw Poland Bros

When: Sunday

Where: three20south, Breckenridge

Where’d the name come from? The founders (Double A and Crix) have the last name, “Poland.”

Home Base: Tucson, Ariz.

Type of music: Rock, ska, punk, Celtic, freestyle, reggae and rock-steady

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Who are you: Warsaw (as they are known in short) is the symbol of America itself, a proverbial melting pot of cultures, styles, characters and sounds. The Warsaw Poland Brothers are the D.I.Y. band that has been underground and in your face for over 15 years. This band has personally inspired and worked with some of the greatest household names today. Heard of Jimmy Eat World? They opened for Warsaw.

If your music were a tangible item, what would it be, and why? Hhmm, maybe a Wii gaming system. With Warsaw’s ever-changing cast members, the game is always changing. Warsaw will never let you sit on your butt for an entire show; they will command and compel the audience to join in the fun, involving the crowd at every point in the music. And they are undeniably addictive!

Why do people love you? The Warsaw Poland Bros. is a band that is active, will involve the crowd, and that can feel the crowd’s desire for style. They have such an incredible compilation of original music, there is literally one or two songs out there for anyone and everyone. Double A on stage is a force to be reckoned with; he will surprise anyone again and again. He is a big reason why everyone loves Warsaw; he is compelling, interesting and humorous. Quick to share a shot with anyone, this man can draw and keep attention like a sponge. Everyone is dancing when Warsaw is playing – you can’t help it!

How do you keep it fresh? The music is literally new each time it’s played live. Double A tends to substitute lyrics often, run on hilarious tangents, and the band members change frequently, providing Warsaw Poland Bros. with ever-evolving sound and styles. When they are not on the road (playing 300+ days a year), they are in their studio working.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done/weirdest experience? Last year for Double A’s birthday, Drago, the trumpeter, decided to do a death-defying leap off a building into the pool below. The Show in El Paso was called to a heartbreakingly early end when the bass player shed a few too many layers (but not all of them) and was escorted off stage, then police nearly cited Double A with inciting a riot just due to the crowd’s unhappy reaction. Warsaw is always a “who knows what’ll happen” and “an anything goes” show!