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April Fools’ Day: Summit Historical Society to buy Pug Ryan’s Super Soaker

Following on the spurs of Glenwood Springs’ recent purchase of Doc Holliday’s derringer, the Summit Historical Society has its sights set on another famous firearm — Pug Ryan’s Super Soaker.

“We saw the excitement swirling around Doc Holliday’s gun and we thought we could draw attention to our own local outlaw,” said Rick Hague, with the Summit Historical Society. “It’s beautifully preserved and still has its original blue-and-yellow finish.”

While Glenwood coughed up $84,000 for Holliday’s pocket pistol, Summit faced off with the far more affordable price tag of $20.

“This wonderful 13-year-old boy brought the artifact to us and said he wasn’t looking to make a lot off money of it,” Hague said. “He found it in his garage. Can you believe that? We bought it on the spot.”

Hague said the youth just wanted to make sure the water canon had a forever home where people could see it for generations to come.

“He asked to remain anonymous and we plan to respect that,” Hague said.

While the society has yet to bring in an expert to authenticate the antique, high-powered water blaster, local lore has it that Pug Ryan used it snuff out a card game at the Denver Hotel in Breckenridge back in 1897.

“This is really our most exciting acquisition since we bought Billy the Kid’s ninja stars,” Hague said.

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