Arbuthnot: Disagrees with Knowles’ letter |

Arbuthnot: Disagrees with Knowles’ letter

Wren Arbuthnot, Frisco

How can someone be as short sighted as Ms. Knowles. She is correct that the president sets foreign policy. Is that why global opinion of the United States over the last four years has been almost double to what it was for the previous 8? This is especially true in countries we work with the most (NATO and EU nations). The horrible economy is a direct result of tax cuts and poorly decided upon police actions (must have Congress approval for a war). The Middle East has been in a constant ebb and flow of war for the last 3,000 years. What makes you think that is going to change? It’s a powder keg because of centuries of deep-seated hatred of each other, not U.S. foreign policy over a four-year span. If you took time to have a look at history you might understand that. The only reason a country like Iran would pursue nuclear weapons is because it feels threatened by its neighbors. Never has an actual war been fought between two nuclear powers, because both countries fear the consequences. Acquiring a nuclear program would make Iran more secure. The region would be more unstable? Perhaps, but the result is a regional nuclear balance of power rather than the current Israeli Hegemony of nuclear power, (see similar instance, US-USSR power balance and mutually assured destruction).

Yes gas is at $3.70ish a gallon here, aren’t you glad you don’t have to pay $7.29 a gallon like in the UK? Complaining about the opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline is ridiculous. Not only does it potentially jeopardize the very water source you rely on, the Ogallala Aquifer, it does nothing for energy independence. It just increases the amount of oil we will be purchasing from Canada, which is already our highest supplier at about 91,500 barrels per month. Compare that to the next closest supplier, Saudi Arabia, at about 43,600 barrels per month. You want energy independence? Invest in wind, hydro and solar.

Worldwide bombings of US embassies? Worldwide would imply that they happened elsewhere other than morthern Africa and the Middle East. While you gripe about U.S. embassies being bombed overseas you conveniently neglected to mention the extremists who decided to attack a Sikh temple in Wisconsin. There are radicals of every faith in all countries, so don’t even think about putting forth a holier than thou speech.

Wren Arbuthnot, Frisco

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