Arbuthnot: Must be living under a rock |

Arbuthnot: Must be living under a rock

Wren Arbuthnot, Frisco

Reading Mr. Prosence’s letter this morning made me want to begin bashing my head into a wall. If not for it’s absolute absurdity then for the fact that it appears he sat down with a thesaurus in hand to write his letter to make up for his obvious deficiencies in socio-political knowledge. The last thing the GOP can claim to be the on the morally high ground of is, “voter intimidation.” Fact: Across the country attempts have been made to close polling stations and change voting rules to make it more difficult for the average Democratic and independent voter to cast their votes.

I could draw allegories to the Bush Administration’s blatant disregard for the process of government and subverting Congress in order to engage our country in the most fruitless military action since Vietnam, but the one-track mind of the far right would defend him saying he was “taking initiative.” However, when President Obama issued a set of executive orders to close secret CIA black sites and issue a ban on so called “enhanced interrogation” to bring us back in line with the Geneva Convention’s rules on treatment of POWs he was criticized for weakening our country. To call the president’s staff and cabinet “Marxists and Communists” solidified Mr. Prosence’s position as a fringe member of any party. Any politician in the U.S. government is so far from being a communist it would make Karl Marx roll over in his grave to be grouped into the same circle. I hope voters will read into the policies of not the last four but the last 24 years to understand how domestic and international policy shapes how our country thrives or withers, and how we can be a cooperative and influential member of the international community, or a dogmatic isolationist theocracy bent on “Americanizing” the world.

Wren Arbuthnot, Frisco

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