Are the Republicans becoming the liberals? |

Are the Republicans becoming the liberals?

First, Mr. (Gerald) Dobert, thank you for a civil response in your Feb. 6 letter.

I erred when implying all conservatives/Republicans are racists or bigots. I meant to imply that the history of the world has shown the conservative philosophy much more inclined toward intolerance and bigotry then the liberal.

Otherwise, the liberals wouldn’t be the recipients of such attacks for pro-activism and civil rights over the years, right? I also do not agree with the Tim McVeigh solution to social problems. It seems that most conservative solutions always hurt the poor and minorities.

President Bush’s decisions thus far bear that out. And, yes, President Eisenhower forced integration of the schools, but might we ask just who the opposition was – conservative, patriotic, God-fearing, racists, not the liberal masses.

Also, I think one can get a glimmer as to how conservatives feel about their less-than-

desirable constituents by the off mic snide remarks caught on the Nixon tapes and Bush’s gaff on the campaign trail.

As to your Clinton jab, well while engaging in his “social” life he stopped the slaughter in Kosovo and was in charge during the greatest economic boom in this or any country. This “tax-and-spend liberal” did not send us into a $307 billion deficit nor enlarge the federal government to the obscene size it is now.

Gee, are the Republicans becoming liberal?

As to Iraq, the country is in a microscopic box right now with the eyes of the world on it. While Saddam is a vile man who no doubt possesses the bad weapons, his use of them or initiation of aggression will result in his total destruction. So, why not keep him in this box and let nature take its course in resolving the fate of the Iraqi government without our intervention and loss of our children and grandchildren?

Didn’t we lose enough lives in “Nam? To bomb Iraq could set loose a billion possible terrorists, and if we watch Israel, we should learn that this a war that cannot be won by using force.

Who knows what Bush’s Iraq agenda is – oil, revenge, airstrips in Iraq etc. It sure isn’t humanitarian aid to the people of Iraq, and I wish he would stop insulting the intelligence of the American people by implying so. Oh, yes, there’s the sanction violation excuse. Israel is flaunting international law daily by occupying the Gaza Strip; Saudi Arabia bankrolled the terrorists, and we kiss its behind. China? I’m sorry, Mr. Dobert, all I want is the truth from this government before risking our children’s lives and our security and like you, Mr. Dobert, wish for peace, harmony, security and freedom in this country.

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