Are there really more freestylers than tennis players in Keystone? |

Are there really more freestylers than tennis players in Keystone?

Will Keystone’s treatment as the red-headed stepchild of Vail Resorts ever end?

Why is Keystone constantly used by the corporation as a laboratory for bad ideas?

I was appalled to read about plans to turn the former Keystone Tennis Center into a training center for near-

exclusive use by elite athletes.

Vail executive Thomas Davidson claims the corporation is trying to “bring more recreation to the community.”

While that sounds like a lovely goal, I question his math on how many more freestyle ski jumpers than tennis players there are in Summit County and in the greater vacationer population.

Davidson went on to say that he had to be “brutally honest S people aren’t playing as much tennis anymore.”

Well, certainly not at Keystone since Vail shut down the tennis center. But I wish he would share his information regarding the explosion in elite freestyle ski jumpers just itching to race down a 70-foot ramp to be launched into the wild blue yonder as they perform an exciting series of twists and somersaults on their family vacation in Summit County.

Since no one likes a naysayer, I wish Vail Resorts the best of luck in its effort to transform the tennis center – once a hub of activity for visitors and locals of all ages.

Who knows, maybe someday we’ll see Grandpa “ollie-ing” his way through the skatepark while little Suzie is executing her first quad-quad off the aerial speed ski-ramp and mom and dad enjoy the afternoon on their BM bikes jumping one berm after another.

One can only hope S

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