Are you safer than you were four years ago? |

Are you safer than you were four years ago?

Christina Knoles

Under our Constitution, the president sets foreign policy, except Congress must approve acts of war; It might come as a surprise to some that Congress, not the president, makes and passes our laws, except the president signs or vetoes the laws Congress passes. There is a lot of discussion about our horrible economy, which is a lingering four-year recession teetering on the brink of another Depression thanks to a Senate controlled by Democrats for the last eight years. All you have to do is look around you to verify that. Yet, little is being said about whether Americans are safer than four years ago. The Middle East Muslim uprisings, worldwide bombings of our American embassies, killing of U.S. foreign ambassadors and Navy Seals, and Iran’s recent launch in the Persian Gulf of a Russian submarine and near completion of a nuclear bomb demonstrate Americans are not safer. The Middle East is now a “powder keg” waiting to explode because of U.S. foreign policy over the last four years. Gas prices, which have risen from $1.80 to near $4.00/gallon will increase as a result, making energy independence a priority, which won’t happen under Obama because he and the Democrat Senate are blocking measures such as the Keystone Pipeline and other similar projects.

Thanks to current foreign policy, terrorists are emboldened and America is now hated across the world more than when he took office. Hateful demonstrations and riots vilifying the USA are held almost daily. All this happened under Obama’s watch because of his foolish foreign policy consisting of constant apologies, announcements of troop withdrawals and poor planning on the eve of 9.11 in spite of intelligence predicting the attacks. These armed and organized attacks have nothing to do with a low budget, anti-Muslim film few people saw. Muslim extremists are on American soil making daily efforts to detonate bombs to kill Americans; remember the Denver Muslim terrorist, a product of Boulder University, who purchased gallons of nail polish remover and made a bomb in a Denver hotel room before getting caught? Instead of worrying about who will pay for abortions and birth control pills, American women should worry about whether women in America will one day soon be forced to wear a burka, subject to Sharia law, be stoned for being raped or never allowed to speak without fear of unspeakable Muslim punishments. Women should be worried they may be bombed at a U.S. coffee shop or store like the Israelis. They should be worried women will not be allowed to drive or go to school or work, even if Obama had a credible plan for growing the economy. That is not my idea of “change” or moving “forward.”