Arguments against Amendment 33 stand in way of economic boost to state |

Arguments against Amendment 33 stand in way of economic boost to state

Steve Burrell - Breckenridge

The arguments detailed against Amendment 33 are so weak they hardly seem to justify denying this potential windfall for our state.

The basic amendment calls only to install video lottery terminals (VLT) in existing gambling facilities.

Opponents insist on calling these slot machines (which technically they are not) but call it what you will. These VLTs again will be in the same building as racetrack gambling.

The only difference is that profits from VLTs will go back into the state coffers instead of the pockets of casino owners. This will not break any casino – in fact, it will help their business as well being that funds created will help promote Colorado tourism and bring more people to the mountains and (gasp) the casinos.

The next argument against Amendment 33 is the fact that a portion of the proceeds will go to an out of country business. Are we that xenophobic that just because a business is based in England that it must be evil.

The weakest argument of all is the fact the people who will be gambling on these machines are the ones who can least afford it.

So, the same chronic gamblers at the casinos and dog tracks are somehow magically going to gamble less if they don’t have the option of a Lottery game instead of a slot machine?

It’s like adding a new beer to the lineup at a bar, only profits from this brand support tourism.

Should we not have the beer available because, well, alcoholics may drink it? Is this new game so outrageously fun that gamblers will be unable to resist its siren song well after they would have stopped gambling elsewhere?

Please, lots of folks like to hit Central City for the night just for kicks. Let’s stop being shortsighted about this and realize the fabulous potential of this amendment – more jobs, more money and a potentially better quality of life for people all over the state of Colorado.

Steve Burrell


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