Around the mountains: Former chef seemed to like homeless life |

Around the mountains: Former chef seemed to like homeless life

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WHISTLER, B.C. ” It’s hard to imagine a ski town having homeless people, but Grant “Max” McLellan was one in Whistler. Although at one time a restaurant chef, he had lived in the great outdoors for the last decade, even through winter. He politely turned down offers from both friends and family for assistance in living indoors.

“I always said, ‘Come to my house, you can stay in the extra room,’ but he wouldn’t take anything,” said a friend of 15 years, Grant Johansen. “He chose to live that way. Who knows why.”

Pique Newsmagazine reports that McLelland, 54, died recently after a medical emergency of unspecified nature. He was nesting outside the community library at the time.

SUN VALLEY, Idaho ” A 52-year-old woman has agreed to undergo counseling and donate $1,000 to a junior hockey program for having clubbed an opposing player in a coed, no-check hockey game.

The victim had fallen to the ice when the woman rapped his leg with her hockey stick hard enough to leave a bruise and break the stick, reports the Idaho Mountain Express. “She definitely blew a gasket,” the victim said.

BANFF, Alberta ” Caribou are nearly gone from Banff National Park. There was just a handful, perhaps four or five. But a recent avalanche killed three of them.

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Even before the avalanche, reports the Rocky Mountain Outlook, biologists had doubted the caribou herd would survive unless it could be connected to other populations of caribou. However, caribou are declining throughout their historic ranges in both Alberta and British Columbia for reasons that are not well understood.