Art doesn’t have to be serious |

Art doesn’t have to be serious

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Special to the Daily"Heaven" by Jeff Leedy

Not all art has to be stuffy or serious. At least not how Art on a Whim presents it.

The Breckenridge gallery opened in December 2007 with a funny idea for an art gallery. Thursday through Sunday, it highlights the work of humorist Jeff Leedy.

While most artists would take offense at people laughing at their creations, Leedy longs for it. He depicts a courtroom with sharks swimming toward the judge and titles it “Counsel Approaching the Bench.”

A lot of his work focuses on pet behavior, such as hogging the bed (he has a piece called “Dogus Interruptus,” which depicts the dog lying in between a couple). But he doesn’t stop there. People are fair game, too, from golfers (a sport he loves) to skiers and wine drinkers to tax payers.

“His subjects remain fresh and funny because they are so true to life,” said Brian Raitman, Art on a Whim gallery director. “Viewers often look at his work and giggle while saying, ‘That’s my dad!’ or ‘I was in that situation yesterday on the mountain!'”

Leedy was born in New York, studied at the Art Student’s League in New York City and graduated from Syracuse University with a bachelor’s in fine arts in illustration and advertising.

For a while, he used the advertising industry as a means to fulfill his artistic vision and pay the bills. He earned the Grammy of the ad industry ” the Clio ” then decided to dedicate his life to his true passion: making people laugh through art.

After 20 years of creating oil pastels, he has become known as one of the top five humor artists in the world and has shown his word worldwide.

“After I have an idea that’s really funny and true, I make up the scene and the characters from ‘the visual library in my mind,'” Leedy said. “Then, I promised myself two things: First, that I will strive to make each piece as artistically satisfying as I can, and second, to have as much fun as I can. Then, it happens. My art is me.”

So, if you need a good laugh (and who doesn’t, these days), head over to Art on a Whim anytime after noon Thursday through Sunday, and meet Leedy and see some of his original pieces.

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