Art like you’ve never seen it before and other links (column) |

Art like you’ve never seen it before and other links (column)

Erin Pheil
Time for Cake

Today we have a great group of seven fun, interesting and educational links from around the Web I came across during the last month. Enjoy!

1.) WiFi anywhere, anytime

A short, two-minute video clip offering tips on how you can get access to WiFi practically anywhere, anytime.

2.) Amazing Future Maps

Visit this link to check out 10 maps and charts predicting how the world will be completely different this year.

3.) Art like you’ve never seen it before

Cayce Zavaglia creates amazing portraits. But not just any portraits. Cayce’s portraits are embroidered. Stitched. Wool thread. Viewable on both sides. Amazing. See for yourself: (Make sure you use your keyboard’s left and right arrow keys to scroll through the portraits.)

4.) Interactive global warming education

An interactive website sponsored by the Union of Concerned Scientists that shares the impacts global warming is having on various locations across the globe. Clickable, sortable, explorable.

5.) Movable Ink

If your company considers email marketing a key component of its success, or if your company is considering a serious investment in email marketing this year, you must check out Movable Ink ( It’s truly the next level in email marketing, enabling businesses to send and respond to customers in real-time, test/target/personalize emails the moment they’re opened, and optimize campaigns on the fly. Wow.

6.) A clock the likes of which you’ve never experienced

This clock is a rainbow. It takes 365 days to complete one revolution. Its purpose is to remind you to stop every single day to reflect on how precious your time is. It automatically sets itself to the present and, no matter where you are in the world, its hand will be in the exact same place. Equinoxes line up at 3 and 6, and solstices line up at 12 and 6. A clock like you’ve never seen before. Originally funded by a Kickstarter campaign, available for $200, in a limited edition of 2,000.

7.) A five-minute nostalgic work break

Did you ever play Pacman in the arcades growing up? I did and yes, I realize that admission dates me. For those of you who also fondly remember Pacman, I have a little Google Easter egg for you. Next time you head over to Google, just type “pacman” into the search box and hit the enter key on your keyboard. Above the results is a Pacman Google Doodle. Click the yellow Click to Play text and enjoy a break from your day with a high-adrenaline, bright color, ghost-evading adventure.

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