Article addressed child’s death in a sensitive manner |

Article addressed child’s death in a sensitive manner

Stan Jungck, Big Rapids, Mich

I want to thank you for your beautiful article telling how my son and his family are dealing with the death of their son and my grandson.

You have taken a subject I’m sure is very controversial that many people would not understand and made it understandable even though many cannot believe it.

As Christians, we have to believe Christ does indeed have the power to raise the dead, even though we seldom pray for it to happen.

In this situation, a perfectly wonderful little boy was ripped away from his family in such a freak accident that it begged for us to pray for his return.

Even if it does not happen, it gives us time to say our goodbyes, as painful as it is, and to bring some closure to it all.

I’m sure that in all of this unhappy situation Christ is still being praised.

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