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Artwork for a beautiful world

Brian Raitman
special to the daily

The saying “accidents happen for a reason” fits the life of Breckenridge-based artist Brendan Parker perfectly. Parker was born with an obsession for creation. For years, he channeled his creative energy through playing the guitar. However, on his 21st birthday, he severely burned his hand. Unable to play the guitar, Parker turned to making visual art and finished his first piece on Oct. 25, 2007.

Barely more than three years later, Parker has created an artistic style all his own. He affectionately titled his style “Experimental Impasto Acrylic Alchemy.” Using layer upon layer of acrylic paints, metallic pigments, resins and epoxy, Parker builds his paintings to the point where they are hardly distinguishable as works on canvas. They appear as sculptures and suck their viewer into their deep, dimensional qualities. Each of Parker’s pieces changes distinctively in different lighting and when viewed from various angles. It is the combination of the materials he works with, coupled with his self-taught expertise, which gives Parker’s work its light and color transitioning properties and its highly textured, sculpted finish. For example, Parker’s piece “Sky of Water” features a pine forest in which the trees rise up to 2 inches off of the canvas. Each tree was intricately sculpted with a palette knife and Parker’s fingers. It gives the very real feeling of standing amongst the trees. Above the forest is a luminous turquoise sky. Look into the painting, and you will see depth similar to that of looking into a crystal clear, blue-tinted pool of water. As is the case with “Sky of Water,” the layers of resin and epoxy Parker incorporates into each of his pieces takes viewers into another world.

Parker will be in the Art on a Whim gallery demonstrating his techniques over the next two weekends.

This weekend showcases another special event at Art on a Whim, as the gallery is hosting a benefit for the Hidden Gems Wilderness Campaign. A portion of proceeds from sales in the gallery from today through Sunday will go to support the Hidden Gems’ mission of creating a new generation of wilderness in the White River National Forest region. The Hidden Gems Proposal will ensure the strongest possible protection for Colorado’s beautiful backcountry areas in the face of the ever-increasing threats of resource extraction, species depletion and human development.

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