As one of the Peak 1 flag hikers … |

As one of the Peak 1 flag hikers …

As one of the Peak 1 flag hikers both this year and last, I am deeply saddened by the recent events that have occurred.

The whole point of this hike was to allow people to turn the negativity of Sept. 11 around and do something positive for all of Summit County to see.

Obviously, these people who burned the flag lacked the knowledge of what the hike was really about. In one of the letters written by these people at the top of Peak 1, it was said that “ignorance is always a choice.”

So, why do the flag burners choose to be so ignorant? If they were informed in any way about this hike and its purpose they would understand that it is a memorial, not a promotion for the war.

It was also written, “We burn this flag not to defile the memory of our innocent brothers and sisters who died in 9-11.” Then tell me, what is it that the incident did? The perpetrators don’t feel the flag burning is defiling them? Obviously, whoever wrote this did not think everything out clearly.

I understand that people have a right to their own opinions, but there are so many more positive ways to protest. I find it interesting these people can’t protest with their faces shown. If they truly believe everything that they say and do, then I have one thing to say: Leave the United States of America. By living here they are enjoying all of the freedoms and opportunities that come with living in America.

I hope that through all of this, we are still able to keep the flag up on Peak 1 and can continue to hike up there yearly as a remembrance of all of the innocent people who lost their lives on Sept. 11.

Lisa Birrell


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