Ashley Owens: Misplaced blame on population, women |

Ashley Owens: Misplaced blame on population, women

Ashley Owens

So what you are implying Mr. Romano, is that said “fairer sex” is completely responsible for the overpopulation that will eventually be the self-destruction of the world. Quite intriguing considering that half of the problem can be contributed to the male portion of the population. But wait, that can’t be! The male population would never use their sex drive as scapegoat for the many unwanted births plaguing city and country alike.

Your fault, sir, is in your complete arrogance concerning such matters. Indeed you may hear loudly from many females claiming that they want 10 babies and “who are you” to stop them. Me? I’m quite content living in such a beautiful place with zero children and I believe I may be safe to say that I most definitely am not the only one.

So next time before you go blaming us females, take into consideration half the reason you even exist before you undertake the pointing of fingers for the damnation of the world.

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