Ask Eartha: Save our snow from climate’s clutches |

Ask Eartha: Save our snow from climate’s clutches

Eartha Steward
Special to the Daily

Dear Eartha,

As a skier and mountain resident, I am concerned about climate change. What can I do locally that will make a difference?

Mason, Summit Cove

Perfect timing with that question, Mason. Skiers and locals have a real stake in our ability to tackle climate change. A local event this very weekend will allow you the chance to connect with people working on issues that impact climate change, and have some fun while you’re at it. This Saturday, the fifth annual Save our Snow Celebration is happening at Arapahoe Basin. Saturday will be a great day to enjoy spring skiing and learn more about how to literally help save skiing as we know it.

The concept of “saving our snow” goes far beyond just a sweet party at the Basin. Climate change is a serious change that our world is going through as we speak. We need to limit our negative impact on the environment if we want to enjoy white slopes season after season. According to the American Meteorological Society by the time the year 2100 rolls around only one out of four ski areas nationwide will remain open due to climate change. Granted, we think the Basin may be part of the one in four with a base elevation of 10,780 feet! But seriously, the fact that 75 percent of all ski areas may be out of business by the end of the century certainly feels very close to home for this skiing enthusiast. As an eternal optimist, I know that we do still have time to slow climate change, but cliches aside, we really need to act now. Save our Snow will be a great opportunity to learn more about how you can get involved locally in making a difference to keep all of our snow where we like it, on the mountains.

The base area’s Green Village will feature booths from the Alpine Source, CLIF bar, Friends of the Dillon Ranger District, Innovative Energy, Liberty Skis, Colorado Foundation for Water Education, the High Country Conservation Center and more. Smokey the Bear will also be making an appearance for the kiddos and to spread the word about how to prevent forest fires. At the end of the day, enjoy live music from noon to 4 p.m. with local favorite High Five.

To further entice you to learn how to get involved in reducing climate change, the Basin is also offering up some great deals. Adult full-day lift tickets will be discounted on Saturday, and $20 from each ticket sold goes straight to HC3. This is a great way to save some cash, allowing you to get the whole family on the mountain. Raffle tickets will be sold in support of the HC3 with all sorts of nifty prizes including an A-Basin season pass, lift tickets, ski gear, green goodies and much more.

Also remember to take this day (or any other) to stop into the Basin’s season pass office and become a member of the Snow Hugger’s Club where you get the best coupons out there; 50 percent off an adult mid-week lift ticket, 50 percent off your rentals, dining discounts and more. It’s just $20, with the entire membership fee going to HC3 to support local programs that reduce climate change. Each of our programs work both individually and together to help reduce carbon emissions; energy efficiency and clean energy, waste reduction and sustainable food production. The easiest way to get involved in climate change issues is to get involved in local nonprofit programs. Many organizations are working locally to reduce our impacts on the planet, including HC3, Friends of the Dillon Ranger District, Continental Divide Land Trust and Blue River Watershed Group – to name just a few.

Even though I suspect my first-grader cares more about Smokey and some ski action than saving the planet, I’m going to get the whole Steward family bundled to hit the slopes on Saturday for the Save our Snow Celebration at the Basin. For event details, visit

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