Ask Eartha Steward: Why we do what we do |

Ask Eartha Steward: Why we do what we do

High Country Conservation Center
High Country Conservation Center

It never stops at the Conservation Center. Don’t get me wrong, the incoming recycling questions, inquiries about composting in the mountains, and increased interest in the future of renewable energy keeps us going while reminding us that people really do care about what happens to our natural environment.

Sometimes, however, it is just as important to take a break and look at what we’ve accomplished, open our eyes again to the positive steps that we’ve made, and remember that it does indeed make a difference. Today, I’m going to do just that. I decided to step away from the “how to’s” and jump to the “why we do’s.”

Some people decide to take lighter steps on our planet through waste reduction and sustainable living efforts because they want their community, surrounding landscapes and favorite hiking spots to stay the way they are and only change for the better.

Others make these choices for their kids and for future generations. Still others want to invest in organics and eco-friendly habits for healthier bodies and minds. And maybe you follow an earth-loving routine for all of the above reasons or have an even better excuse.

Why we do it seems to drive us to do it in the first place.

Every week Eartha strives to give you statistics, scientific proof, and/or benefits along with the tips and suggestions for being “green.” You don’t have to be a rocket (or garbage) scientist to see that keeping trash out of the landfill helps the earth. Buying recycled is a better choice. Using less energy conserves resources. These are also the “why we do’s.”

Even as I’m sitting here writing this article, I’m smiling because half a dozen hummingbirds are buzzing around my head. This morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and felt a little vulnerable to any challenge heading my way. I read through several Eartha questions and couldn’t seem to grasp what I needed to talk about.

As the hummingbirds continued to playfully dive bomb me, my attitude flipped around and I found myself loving life. Loving life … maybe that is another reason why people mold their life choices around the earth’s needs. So, I did some research about loving life and I found the most amazing website ”

Daryl Hannah, actress and environmentalist, established DH Love Life as a blog that educates and inspires earth stewardship. The weekly short films are absolutely charming while sparking initiatives to make real changes at home and in your community. Hannah’s videos show real life eco-heroes that have made a beneficial impact on the earth through their everyday eco-steps. You have to believe that doing anything at all for the environment is doing something ” and again, it does make a difference.

From worm farms and plastic bag art to french-fry grease fuel and organic makeup, DH Love Life aims to support the “why we do’s” with the justification of loving life and loving earth ” so why not cherish it?

Why do we find ourselves elbow deep in garbage trying to make sure that glass bottles and tin cans are properly recycled? Why do we wake up at the crack of dawn to ride our bikes to work (beyond the gas prices)? Why do we house and feed a thousand decomposers in our kitchen pantry? What attracts us to the organic strawberries and peaches at the Farmer’s Markets? Why do we care so much?

Your answer may be different from the next person’s but I’d like to think that we are all connected in the fact that we love life. We care because we want our skies to remain true blue, our landfills not to overflow into neighboring parks and trails, our wilderness to stay pristine, our drinking water to taste fresh and chemical free, and our bodies to be toxin-free.

Whatever drives you to throw away less, use natural products, compost your food waste, plant a tree, go solar, ride your balk, bring your own bag, buy used, shop local, eat organic … are important little steps you can take for the earth instead of yourself. To all those little (and big) earth steppers, I just want to say thank you!

There may be hundreds of reasons for the “why we do’s.” But I can’t really think of one good reason for the “why we don’t.”

Eartha Steward is written by Carly Wier, Jennifer Kirkpatrick and Heather Christie, consultants on all things eco and chic at the High Country Conservation Center, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to waste reduction and resource conservation in our mountain community. Eartha believes that you can walk gently on our planet, even if you’re wearing stylie shoes.

Submit questions to Eartha at with Ask Eartha as the subject or to High Country Conservation Center, P.O. Box 4506, Frisco, CO 80443.

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