Aspen Skiing Co. reports lower emissions in 2011 |

Aspen Skiing Co. reports lower emissions in 2011

ASPEN – Aspen Skiing Co. says its carbon emissions have largely stayed even from 2000 to 2011, even as the ski resort company has grown and revenues have risen 41 percent.

Nevertheless, its 2012 sustainability report says reducing emissions from its own operations won’t be enough to stop global climate change. Instead, it says corporations must become climate activists, pushing for large-scale solutions.

Aspen Skiing Co. estimates it emitted 31,605 tons of carbon dioxide in 2000 and 30,318 tons of carbon dioxide last year.

The company’s vice president of sustainability, Auden Schendler, tells The Aspen Times that Aspen Skiing Co. has kept emissions down, even as it grows, by working on energy efficiency.

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